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What are the goals of CISO?

CISO's initial vision is to nurture this group of talented musicians towards the development of a youth orchestra, whose ultimate goal will be to perform at a variety of venues across Metropolitan Toronto. Its initial performance is planned for early fall, 2008. Please visit the Events page for information on activities of the Canadian International Symphony Orchestra.

Who can become a member of CISO?

CISO's success is directly proportional to its ability to welcome young, talented and dedicated musicians to its fold. Each individual must demonstrate confident musical abilities as well as the enthusiasm required to meet the challenges of the orchestral setting. If you think you may have what it takes to become a member, we would encourage you to join CISO. Please complete the registration form and mail to CISO – or contact us by e-mail:

How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership fee is $100.00. Students who are accepted will be contacted and provided with necessary rehearsal times and locations. Presently, rehearsals are held each Saturday in the downtown Toronto area.

Why is membership in CISO important for your child?

It is a fact that children involved in making music realize many health and social benefits. Cognitive development is enhanced while stress can be reduced and the experience can also inspire creativity, increase overall productivity, build confidence and aid in improvements in the ability to make strong social connections. And did we mention that it can also be a lot of fun?

Reference: "Benefits of a Musical Education"